Titanium: Error Unable to find JDK in my first project

I have installed titanium studio and installed Android SDK also in Windows. After that I have created one test application (HelloWord).

When I run the application in Android Emulator, i get this erreor:

[ERROR] : Unable to find JDK (Java Development Kit) programs: javac, jarsigner
[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1.

Configuring Environment Variables on Windows
Configure system variables using the Control Panel
  • Open the Windows Control Panel and search for 'environment'.
  • Click Edit the system environment variables. The System Properties dialog appears displaying the Advanced tab. 

  • Click the Environment Variables button.   

  • Use the New or Edit buttons at the bottom of the dialog to add or change system variables.

  • set path Android SDK and JAVA JDK


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