Which clients support media queries on mobile version?

If you've built a responsive email design using media queries. The chart below outlines support for media queries across a range of mobile email clients and applications.

When troubleshooting responsive designs and media queries, also keep in mind that the media query will be triggered by the viewport size of the device. Viewport sizes can vary drastically based on the physical screen size of the phone, the screen's resolution and the pixel density or device-pixel-ratio of the device.

Media Query Support
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Yes
Android 4.x native client Yes
Android Outlook Exchange via native client No
Android Outlook.com app Yes
Android Gmail app No
Android Yahoo! Mail app No
Gmail (Android Browser) No
Outlook.com (Android Browser) No
Yahoo! Mail (Android Browser) No
Windows Phone 7 No
Windows Phone 7.5 Yes
Windows Phone 8 No
BlackBerry OS 6 Yes
BlackBerry OS 7 Yes
BlackBerry Z10 Yes
Kindle Fire native client Yes


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