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Email preheader best practices, Preheader email marketing and email preheader html

A preheader is a small section that appears at the top of your email. The following tips can help you make the most of the preheader in every marketing campaign  you develop.

Understand that the first line of your text is critical. It is this text that will appear when recipients access their inboxes from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.Know how to code the preheader properly. The preheader should convey the message of your email clearly and concisely.Use the preheader text to summarize your offer in a way recipients can easily understand.Keep things short and simple. Your recipients are busy, and they are probably looking through dozens of new emails every time they log on to their mobile devices.Use left alignment for your preheader text. This will make the text easier to read, especially on mobile devices.Use a standard easy to read font for your preheader text. Now is not the time to get too fancy.Include a clear call to action in your preheader text. Link your call…