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Top 10 Websites with Free Fonts

Free fonts can be downloaded from many great websites which keep them organized so it’s easier for you to look for the ones you need. As you probably know, typography is very important in design. Check out these awesome 10 free fonts websites and complete your fonts collection. Fonts2U Fonts2u offers a large collection of free fonts. You can download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh.

fontsy If you need free fonts for your graphic design projects, like flyer or logos, scrapbooks, word or other documents, print medias and so on, is the place to go. It offers more than 15000 free fonts!
dafont is an online archive of freely downloadable fonts., you can browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.
Filecart fonts Fontcart offers a large collection of free fonts you can download. You can filter them by rating, popularity, and category.
Urbanfonts On you can download free fonts and free dingbats. PC fonts, Mac fonts, truetype fon…

HTML DOCTYPE Syntax error

This totally ambiguous error is a pretty simple fix but surprisingly, not many people have said anything about it. The error comes from Firebug. The break on this error isn’t a part of the error but it is in the firebug copy dump. syntax error [Break on this error]
For instance, you won’t find this code while working with javascript, since it’s not javascript related. It’s not CSS related. It definitely has nothing to do with the server side parts of the application. What else could it be? How about ordinary html? The way I encountered this error was that I forgot to specify a src attribute value for my script tag! <scripttype="text/javascript"src=""></script>