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PHP: show a comma on all value except last value from mysql_fetch_array

$count = 0; while ($servdescarrayrow = mysql_fetch_array($servdescarray)) { if ($count++ > 0) echo ","; echo $servdescarrayrow['serv_desc']; }

PHP: Prepend leading zero before single digit number

It will only add the zero if it's less than the required number of characters.

When working with numbers, you should use %d (rather than %s), especially when there is the potential for negative numbers. If you're only using positive numbers, either option works fine.

For example:

sprintf("%04s", 10); returns 1000
sprintf("%04s", -10); returns 0-10

Where as:

sprintf("%04d", 10); returns 1000
sprintf("%04d", -10); returns 100

<?php $num =4; $num_padded = sprintf("%02d", $num); echo $num_padded;// returns 04?> You can use sprintf: