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Custom OpenCart theme

I was looking to customize the default theme in OpenCart and realized that I will probably need to do quite a bit of work given there was no immediate “help” related on the subject. In essence it turned out to be a lot less painful than I thought. Here is what I did. Assuming new theme name “mytheme” and title “My Theme”. Make copies… To start with copy the default folder found inupload/catalog/view/theme/default to a new folder in the same directory. Name it “mytheme“. Then copy the theme_default.php file inupload/admin/controller/extension/theme and place it in same directory. Name it “mytheme.php“. + Rename the class to (line 2): ControllerExtensionThemeMyTheme + Replace all “theme_default” text to “mytheme“. Yes there are a lot (197). Copy the theme_default.tpl inupload/admin/view/template/extension/theme and place it in the same directory. Name it “mytheme.tpl“. + Replace all “theme_default” text to “mytheme“. (48) Copy theme_default.php inupload/admin/language/en-gb/extensio…