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Email template: eDM SPECIFICATIONS


- Content must be supplied in HTML
- email body width: 600 pixels
- Total file weight (including HTML, CSS, images): 50KB
- We cannot accept emails built with CSS in the header tags or that include flash or forms!
- Use HTML tables for layout. Tables control the design layout and presentation.
- Use Standard Inline CSS. Do not design your HTML as a web page. Most web-based email clients strip Header CSS


- Explicitly define colour values as email clients may have different default colours which vary from web browsers.
- All image tags should include width and height attributes as stretched images will not render correctly in some email clients.
- <div> tags as the box model is not supported by a majority of e-mail clients and should be avoided. Tables should be used for e-mail layout. Also, avoid using rowspan as it won’t render consistently.
- It is recommended to set cellpadding and cellspacing to 0 on the table elients.
- Line-breaks (<br />) should be used i…