How to reset my Joomla administrator password?

**Follow procedure involve direct update to database. We highly suggest you backup the database before perform the steps.

To reset the Joomla administrator password, you can do it with with a simple MySQL query.

1. Login our phpmyadmin,
2. Select Joomla's database from the drop-down menu on the left
3. Open the SQL tab
4. In the text field write the following SQL query:
UPDATE jos_users SET password = MD5( 'new_password' ) WHERE username = 'admin';

Note: "new_password" - replace this with the new password you wish to use.
"admin" - replace this if your admin username is different.

Once you are ready, click on the GO button to submit the query. If everything goes fine without errors, you should be able to login to Joomla with the new password.


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